Medicaid is health insurance for low-income children, pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled.  It supports thousands of jobs and boosts the state and local economy by billions of dollars.


Alabama has one of the most restrictive Medicaid eligibilities in the country.  A family of three has to make less than $320 a month to be able to get Medicaid.  Adults who don't have a disability and who don't have children are not eligible.


Expanding Medicaid would help almost 340,000 Alabamians get health care coverage.  The majority of these individuals are working and simply make too much money to qualify for Medicaid right now, even though it's not nearly enough to buy insurance and still have money for food , housing and other necessities.


Expanding Medicaid would add about 30,000 jobs and would  save the state money in the long run.  How?  Right now the state is providing some services to people who would be covered by Medicaid expansion;  we’re just paying more money.  If the state expanded, it would get millions of dollars from the federal government to help pay for these services … money that we have already paid in taxes. 


Why let Alabama’s tax dollars  help support the economy and health care in other states?


If we have more people insured, Alabamians should be healthier.  Our number of infant deaths should go down, along with deaths from cancer, heart disease and other conditions that get worse when they are not treated.  It could help fight the opioid crisis and provide care to others with mental illness.