Health care matters.  It's infrastructure, just like roads and schools, and   Alabama needs to invest in it.  MEDICAID EXPANSION would be a                significant start!                                         


Alabama has an opportunity to generate billions of dollars in economic activity and state savings and provide more than 340,000 Alabamians with health insurance coverage.  

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Health care matters to everyone.  It's a vital part of the state's infrastructure, and Medicaid is a key part of it. Expanding Medicaid would mean more jobs, significant savings for the state, increased economic activity and better access to care for all Alabamians.

Why is health care so important?

  • It's critical to Alabama's economic infrastructure.

  • AL Hospitals have $20 billion annual economic impact.

  • Hospitals employ 90,000 people statewide and support an additional 96,000 jobs.

  • Good health care is critical in recruiting new businesses and keeping existing ones.

What is Medicaid?

  • Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health insurance to low-income children, pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled.  

  • Medicaid is a vital part of Alabama’s health care system. It supports thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in the heath care sector.

  • Without Medicaid, many providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacists) could not survive, leaving communities without access to health care.

Why expand it?

Faces of Medicaid

  • More than 340,000 more Alabamians could get health coverage.  Most of them are working.

  • Expansion would greatly strengthen the health care infrastructure - Hospitals in expansion states are 84% less likely to close.    

  • Alabama would have better health outcomes and would save money in the long run.

*$11.4 billion in new economic impact

* Includes $715 million in new state and local tax revenue          over four years.

* An estimated 340,000 could get covered

One Page Summary of Reports

We simply can't afford to pass it up

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Two new reports build substantial case for positive impact on Alabama of Medicaid expansion:

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Health Care Matters to:

Opioid Crisis
Infant Mortality
Cancer  Care
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